Xbox still wants Game Pass on Nintendo Switch

xbox game pass nintendo switch
Credit: Nintendo/Microsoft

xbox game pass nintendo switch
Credit: Nintendo/Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best reasons to pick up an Xbox Series console, as gamers are assured quality titles for a low monthly price. Since it’s inception, the service has extended to PC players as well, but Microsoft is hoping they can eventually bring it to Switch owners.

Tim Stuart, the Xbox CFO, recently appeared at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit (via GameSpot) and discussed bringing the service to other first-party systems. Currently, Game Pass is available on PC and various televisions via cloud streaming, but Stuart brought up how he wants it to be on Switch as well.

"It's a bit of a change of strategy. Not announcing anything broadly here, but our mission is to bring our first-party experiences [and] our subscription services to every screen that can play games," Stuart said. "That means smart TVs, that means mobile devices, that means what we would have thought of as competitors in the past like PlayStation and Nintendo."

Nintendo fans will know that this isn’t the first time Microsoft suggested bringing Game Pass to the Switch. Obviously, this would be a huge boost for both companies, though Microsoft would be the primary beneficiary. Still, we’re sure fans wouldn’t mind if that means playing classics like Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon on their Switch.

As it stands, Microsoft and Nintendo have a pretty solid relationship, with the latter bringing some of their ex-exclusives to the Switch. To date, the Switch can play Xbox games like Ori and the Blind Forest, New Super Lucky’s Tale, and Cuphead, the latter of which is also on PlayStation.

Rumours of Microsoft buying Nintendo briefly made the rounds, at least until Nintendo shut them down. After all, the company is currently at an all-time high thanks to the Switch, which is still a best-selling system. We doubt Game Pass would make people buy the system more, though it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

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Game Pass is currently available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. The service is also available on mobile and various televisions via cloud gaming.

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