Xbox Ambassador program: What are Xbox Ambassadors, and how do you become one?

A lot of people are proud to stand by there favourite bits of technology and their favourite companies because they think the company does good work.

Well, with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the way, a fair few people will be wanting to spread the good word of Microsoft.

Did you know that you can become an Xbox Ambassador if that's how you feel?

Well, you can, so here's what you need to know.

What is an Xbox Ambassador and how can you become one

An Xbox Ambassador is somebody who champions the platform and tries to keep gaming fun for everybody.

You can become one if you are 17 years or older, have a Gamerscore of over 1,500, and have no enforcement actions on your Xbox Live account in the last year.

To become one you have to follow the sets laid out on the Xbox site, which are these:

  • Head over to
  • Select Become an Ambassador
  • Pass the requirements check
  • Watch the welcome video
  • Complete the 5-step website walkthrough
  • Finish the starter missions
  • Join the discord server
  • Go out into the world and be all positive and stuff

There's also a quiz, but if you came here looking for Xbox Ambassador quiz answers, we've got bad news for you - you'll just have to figure them out for yourselves.

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Why should you be an Xbox Ambassador?

Ultimately you should become an Xbox Ambassador if you think it fits you and it's something you want to do.

No company is perfect, but if you like cultivating a positive community and think you'd be a good fit then you should go for it.

It's also a good way to meet new people with similar interests too.

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