X-Men gets meta with an in-universe Kevin Feige pitch meeting

Marvel Comics' latest run of the X-Men series is a successful new series for the marvellous mutants. The ongoing Hellfire Gala event is claimed to be the most important comic book storyline in years. As it just so happens, Marvel appears to be sticking to their word. Not only is the storyline changing up our favourite mutants, but it's also introducing a few surprises... such as the comic debut of Kevin Feige.

What is the Hellfire Gala?

The Hellfire Gala is Marvel's latest X-Men even, gathering mutant heroes and villains onto the living island of Krakoa. With all mutants now living on the island, the titular mutant superhero team was disbanded. However, Jean Grey and Cyclops disapproved on the decision to axe the team.

This event’s purpose is to shake up the X-Men team. Not only does everyone receive new outfits for the Gala, but the superhero team as well is getting dressed up. By the end of the event, fans will be greeted to a new lineup. Perhaps this new lineup will be used as the basis for the mutants' Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in a few years.

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Concept art for new costumes introduced in the Hellfire Gala

However, what's most intriguing about the ongoing event is what's just happened in X-Men #21.

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The X-Men just met Kevin Feige

In the latest entry of the Hellfire Gala, Cyclops and Multiple Man are handing out drinks to partygoers at the Gala. Amongst the crowd, Cyclops hands a drink to a familiar real-life face: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

After thanking the hero for the drink, Feige asks, “What's your story?’. In response, Cyclops tells the Marvel president his version of people X-Men events that see him as Professor Xavier's golden boy. Essentially, the hero is pitching Kevin Feige a superhero storyline that could inspire the Marvel boss into making new movies.

Feige Cyclops
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Cameos in the Marvel universe are nothing new. Of course, the late Stan Lee lovingly cameoed in every Marvel movie. On the other hand, cameos like Feige's new comic appearance are far rarer. This type of cameo is so rare, in fact, that the extremely meta inclusion makes us wonder if it'll lead to something in the future.

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