Microsoft Announces X-Men '97 Xbox Series X You Can't Buy

x-men 97 xbox series x consoles
Credit: Microsoft/Marvel

x-men 97 xbox series x consoles
Credit: Microsoft/Marvel


  • Microsoft is selling cool X-Men '97 Xbox Series X systems you can't buy
  • Users can only try and win these through the company's Twitter sweepstakes
  • This is a pretty normal pattern from Microsoft, unfortunately

Microsoft has announced some awesome-looking X-Men ‘97 Xbox Series X systems, but fans hoping to buy them in stores won’t be able to do so. Like the company has done numerous times, they’ve decided to give these away via Twitter sweepstakes, even though plenty of people would buy these.

Revealed via Xbox Wire, these custom Xbox Series X systems are wrapped in a two-page comic that has the X-Men fighting Sentinels. Apparently, this comic is also exclusive to the Xbox Series X, though we wouldn’t be surprised if this eventually ended up in a X-Men ‘97 trade paperback.

In addition to these Xbox Series X systems, there are also special controllers with colors based on the show’s iconic X-Men. Wolverine, Beast, Jubilee, even Magneto, these special edition controllers were made by Xbox Design Lab and they look amazing. Shame that we can’t buy them though.

Fans will need to retweet the official sweepstakes tweet to get a chance to win these awesome variants of Microsoft’s current-gen console. Unless the company changes their mind, this is the only way to get these systems, so anyone hoping to save up their money for this can’t.

Locking these limited edition Xbox Series X systems behind sweepstakes is pretty annoying, given the current popularity of X-Men ‘97. The animated series has surprised everyone by being a more mature take on this cartoon, while also respecting everything that came before.

We’ve seen the company do similar sweepstakes for custom consoles before, like when Microsoft announced the adorable Bluey Series X. It’s still a shame that it also didn’t get a proper release, as the machine was wildly popular. The same can be said for this new X-Men ‘97 variant and whatever cool crossovers Microsoft will announce then limit to sweepstakes.

At the time of writing, there is no way to purchase this limited edition X-Men ‘97 Xbox Series X, which is a huge shame. Fans can purchase a regular Series X or Series S console wherever game systems are sold.

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