WWII Online Chokepoint release date speculation, trailer, and more

Soldier in WWII Online Chokepoint

Soldier in WWII Online Chokepoint

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If you’re on the lookout for a new online tactical shooter, you might be interested in the WWII Online Chokepoint release date. Not only are we covering when WWII Online Chokepoint is coming out in this guide, but we’ll also be going over the different platforms the game will be released on and its trailer.

Chokepoint will be a standalone game and will serve as the next step in WWII Online’s evolution. It focuses more on the tactical side of being a tactical shooter, as it aims to deliver methodical team-based gameplay.

Now let’s find out what the WWII Online Chokepoint release date is to see how soon you can start squadding up with your friends for some WWII action.

WWII Online Chokepoint release date

WWII Online Chokepoint does not have a set release date at the moment. Chokepoint is set to come out as an Early Access game on Steam, but there is no date for that yet either.

The developers are still working on balancing the game and they’ve stated that they plan to have WWII Online Chokepoint in Early Access for about 12 to 18 months. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as new information becomes available.

WWII Online Chokepoint platforms

Just like the original WWII Online, Chokepoint will only be available on Windows PC. You can get the game through Steam or the WWII Online Chokepoint webpage.

Chokepoint will be free to play, just like its predecessor. However, the original WWII Online does have some DLC and optional subscriptions, so the new tactical shooter might go down that same route.

WWII Online Chokepoint trailer

It’s been a while since Chokepoint was revealed, but here’s the video they teased us with a couple of years ago:

For something more up-to-date, check out this gameplay footage that was recently uploaded to the official WWII Online YouTube channel:

And that’s our guide on the WWII Online Chokepoint release date. If you’re looking for more tactical shooters with a more modern aesthetic, feel free to check out Ready or Not or Payday 3.

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