WWE 2K24 is being fixed for Steam Deck, but its Valve doing the work

wwe 2k24 plays better on steam deck
Credit: 2K Games

wwe 2k24 plays better on steam deck
Credit: 2K Games


  • WWE 2K24 has now been fixed on Steam Deck
  • Valve actually fixed this issue, most of us expected 2K Games to do it
  • WWE 2K24 is still "unsupported" but it should play better now

WWE 2K24 has been out for a few weeks now and though it plays pretty well, the Steam Deck version has suffered from various graphical issues. Thankfully, this is now getting fixed, though in an interesting twist, Valve is fixing this issue, when most of us expected 2K Games to do it.

According to Valve coder Pierre-Loup Griffais, a mitigation fix has been released so that these graphical issues will now be fixed on the handheld. Steam Deck users should be getting this fix soon and we’re sure fans of the wrestling simulator, given how glaring some of these issues have been.

Fans playing WWE 2K24 on their Steam Deck would see the graphics get messy, with things in the bottom not always looking good. It was a real shame too, since the game is gorgeous, with some good character models. Some of them were reused from WWE 2K23, but that’s just the nature of these games.

These issues were expected on Steam Deck since 2K24 has the dreaded “unsupported” label. While most fans don’t care about that, since there are plenty of workarounds on Steam Deck to make games play better. It is good to see Valve take action since it seems to have been a Steam Deck issue, so everything else should be up to 2K.

Much like the current WWE product, WWE 2K24 is a pretty good wrestling game with a huge roster and some promising gameplay improvements. Fans were happy just to have modes like Special Referee back, but having unlockable MyFaction characters is a step in the right direction. DLC for the game also looks promising, as it includes many wrestlers past and present, including the returning CM Punk.

WWE 2K24 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. It took a few weeks but 2K24 should play better on Valve’s Steam Deck now, even if 2K Games hasn’t cared for the “verified” status.

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