WoW Classic Nimar the Slayer location

Credit: Warcrafter Snorri

Credit: Warcrafter Snorri

Being one of the rarest enemies to find, Nimar the Slayer is a cult favourite among WoW Classic fans. He's a great hunt for levelling during mid-game and a great boss-fight experience overall. Now the question is, where to find Nimar the Slayer?

Nimar the Slayer is an elite troll and a popular target due to his valuable rare item drops. You can bind them on equipment, use them for your character load-outs, or add them to the Auction House to sell for profit.

Given its unpredictable spawn rate and tracking difficulty, it's better to stay well-informed about how and where to find Nimar the Slayer. So today, we'll discover his location and help you track this beast with ease. Let's begin.

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Credit: WoW Classic DB
WoW Classic Nimar the slayer location

Nimar the Slayer Location

Nimar the Slayer's location is fairly easy to find. Start by travelling to the southeast corner of the Arathi Highlands. This is a roaming hotspot for Nimar. Here, you'll find the Witherbark Village, Nimar'r's regular roaming spot. Check out the red marking on the map above for a more prominant view.

However, if the troll isn't roaming around these spots, you may find him walking around on the outskirts of this village. And if he isn't present in any of these spots, there's a high chance that Nimar has despawned and will return soon.

Now, here's the catch. According to Wowhead, a well-known WoW database, Nimar reportedly takes from five hours to 10 years to respond. So, if you've missed his previous spawn, it's going to be a long wait.

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Credit: WoWhead
WoW Nimar the Slayer Tribal Headdress

Nimar the Slayer Drops and Loots

Nimar the Slayer is best known for his two famous drops. They're:

  • Nimar's Tribal Headdress
  • Dark Hooded Cape

The Tribal headdress comes with a +10 Spirit Modifier and is a must-have for healers. As for the Dark Hooded Cape, it's a rare quality component(marked in blue.) The cape gives its wearer +10 Agity, making it a favourite among Hunters and Rogues.

Since these drops are sellable, they're easy to acquire. However, their Auction House market price might become too expensive. Hence, instead of buying them directly, it's a positive outlook towards venturing into the wilds of WoW.

All in all, this is a fool-proof way of finding Nimar the Slayer in World of Warcraft Classic. It's an optimal boss to slay if you're looking to gear up better, or making some profit by auctioning them off to the massive WoW player base. Since he's a tough enemy to spot, make sure you have ample time and upgraded armour to take him down swiftly. Try your luck today, and see how far you can reach!

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