WinRar is sad about Windows 11 supporting RAR files

WinRar is sad about Windows 11 supporting RAR files  Winrar with a gentleman's hat

WinRar is sad about Windows 11 supporting RAR files  Winrar with a gentleman's hat

Have you registered that WinRar copy? Probably not - you've just been using it with no license for all these years, you pirate. But WinRar doesn't mind, they're just happy that you've been using it. But things might change, since now Windows 11 supports RAR files and the company has expressed disappointment in this new feature.

With the now legendary "this is fine" meme WinRar has taken to Twitter to express their bitter disappointment over the compressed format now being supported by Windows 11. This clearly means that you do not need to use an external application to open these compressed RAR files anymore, Windows 11 shell should handle it just fine.

While it might be not particularly worthy of note for many users, WinRar is one of the oldest apps to still be in use for Windows. The file archiver has had a long and glorious history, being originally developed by Eugene Roshal in 1995, after the RAR compressed format had been created two years prior.

The software has been long distributed in a classic "try before you buy" format. All users are free to use WinRar for 40 days but still, even after that period expires, the core functionalities of the app still work. As long as, users are able to put up with the infamous "please register WinRar" window popping up.

The fact that it has always remained, basically, free to use (it is also free on Android) definitely helped its popularity, as opposed to other compression apps such as WinZip.

But still, with Windows 11 now taking over the RAR files, will we see the end of the WinRar application? We bet that there are many fans of the app out there that don't want to see it die and will continue using it. But, how many of them did actually pay to register the app, well, that's another thing entirely.

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