Will there be a YouTube app on Xbox Series X/S, and how will players get it?

It was unheard of, even at the last console launches of the PS4 and the Xbox One, to wonder if video apps like YouTube would be available on these machines on launch day.

But in an age where we consume content from many apps and devices, having something like YouTube on your new next-gen console is a tantalising thought.

This is why some are wondering whether there will be an app from the Google-owned company appearing on both the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 in November.

With that, let’s look into if its been confirmed, and the possible ETA for it arriving on both consoles.

Is YouTube confirmed?

The app launched on the Xbox One back in 2013 the same day the console launched, and 4K-resolution support was introduced in December of 2017. Now, with the Xbox Series X, this trend of Day 1 support is set to continue.

In a recent blog post, Xbox confirmed that alongside countless other streaming services, YouTube will be available on the next-gen consoles from Day 1.

"Just as we’re bringing forward all the games that play on Xbox One today, we’re excited to announce that your favorite entertainment apps you enjoy today on Xbox One will be available on Xbox Series X and Series S," the post read, referencing the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X console.

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How to download YouTube on Xbox Series X

As the Xbox Series X/S runs on the same operating system as the Xbox One, the same ‘Store’ will also be present, so it will only be a matter of searching for it, and downloading it to appear as a ‘tile’ on your Home Screen.

With the new Xbox app, it will also be easier to simply choose it from your smartphone of choice and select it from there.

Aside from the Store, the upgraded Series X User Interface has introduced an Entertainment block, similar to the Movies and TV Hub on the PlayStation 4. This can be pinned to your Home menu, and will "showcase the latest content in movies, TV, and music across popular entertainment apps."

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