Will there be a YouTube app on PS5, and how will players get it?

The PS4 became a big part of everybody's lives. However, despite how ubiquitous it's become it's not always used as just a games console.

Instead, and as is the case with pretty much all gaming platforms nowadays, it's used as a media hub. You can listen to music, watch movies, or just watch some good old content creators.

Because of this, a lot of people are wondering if the next-gen consoles will play the same role in their households.

So, will the PS5 have a YouTube app, or will you be without this essential bit of viewing?

Is YouTube on PS5 confirmed or not?

Given that there is a YouTube button on the PS5 Media Remote, we can assume that the app is confirmed for the PS5.

If YouTube's appearance on the Media Remote wasn't enough of a confirmation, Sony clarified in a blog post that the app will come to the PS5 on Day 1.

They also announced that you can " broadcast and share your epic gameplay moments directly to your YouTube channel" aside from just watching the latest trending YouTube videos from the likes of Logan Paul.

How will you get YouTube on PS5?

There are two potential choices here.

First, the app will come pre-installed on the PS5. This seems likely given that it's on the Media Remote, but it's not a guaranteed thing.

If not, then we're hoping that if you select the YouTube button on the PS5 Media Remote without downloading the app first, that it might take you to the YouTube page in the new Media space.

To download all the latest media applications, you'll no longer need to navigate through the PS Store, now integrated in the new PlayStation 5 User Interface.

Instead, you'll use the new Media space to navigate between and install your desired streaming or media apps, all while using the new Control Centre to skip between apps, shows, or music much easier than before.

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