Will there be a Spotify app on PS5, and how will players get it?

With the PS5 on the way, a lot of people are wondering whether or not it'll play the same role as the PS4 in their lives.

Despite the fact that it's a games console, it's become a lot more than that as more and more apps have been added over the years.

That means that a lot of people view it as more of a multimedia hub. It's perfect whether you want to watch something, play something, or listen to something.

That's why you might be curious as to whether or not Spotify is going to be on the PS5.

Is Spotify on PS5 confirmed or not?

Well, if you've seen the official reveal of the PS5 Media Remote, then you'll know that Spotify is one of four apps that has its very own button.

Sony further confirmed in a blog post that Spotify will be available on the PS5 from Day 1, allowing you to listen to your music in the background while playing games.

Given the popularity of Spotify on the PS4, this wasn't much of a surprise appearance, especially after it was confirmed for the Media Remote.

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How will you get Spotify on PS5?

There are two potential choices here.

First, the app will come pre-installed on the PS5. This seems likely given that it's on the Media Remote, but it's not a guaranteed thing.

If not, then we're hoping that if you select the Spotify button on the PS5 Media Remote without downloading the app first, that it might take you to the Spotify page in the new Media space.

To download all the latest media applications, you'll no longer need to navigate through the PS Store, now integrated in the new PlayStation 5 User Interface.

Instead, you'll use the new Media space to navigate between and install your desired streaming or media apps, all while using the new Control Centre to skip between apps, shows, or music much easier than before.

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