Will there be a PS5 Pro or Xbox Series X Pro? Microsoft plays down talk of upgraded consoles in a few years

A lot of people have only invested in a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X in the last couple of years.

It's probably fairly annoying to know that you've just bought a console, only to then have to face the idea of buying another console when the PS5 and Xbox Series X release.

What's worse, is that you may have to do the same again if they get upgraded mid-generation version too.

Well, we've got some news on that front.

Will there be an upgraded Xbox Series X and PS5

Well, according to Albert Penello, a former Xbox Executive, this might not be the case.

This was originally reported on by WCCFtech and comes from the ResetEra thread. Penello talks about why he thinks there might not be mid-gen upgrades this time.

"It may simply be less necessary as well. 4K was becoming a mainstream resolution for PC and TV's, and the base consoles were designed around driving 1080p (or less) output. When you have a set that requires 4x the performance just to drive 4x the pixels, then you eat up all the performance just driving resolution."

He goes on to talk about how he doesn't think 8k will go as mainstream as 4K "So the mid-gen upgrades are not only less financially and technically viable, but also likely less necessary to keep up with display technologies."

It's very hard to disagree with the logic here, and the man definitely knows what he's talking about too.

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Are the mid-generation consoles good or bad?

Ultimately, it's hard to feel as though the Xbox One X or the PS4 Pro did anything other than just generate more money for Microsoft and Sony.

While many of us are still playing on launch consoles, and we know the sheer volume that they can produce, they can still run modern games.

Losing out on the Pro or One X version of the next-gen consoles isn't a big loss, and will hopefully make for a more efficient console generation too. Plus, it'll be good to have your launch console see you all the way through with no issues.

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