Will there be a PS5 Pro at launch?

The PS5 launch is coming to a world near you soon. Well, soonish, it's meant to be this year, and we're rapidly running out of this year.

It'll likely be just before Christmas, and that's something very exciting indeed. While lots of people are already wondering if they should go the normal PS5 or the all-digital one, others are pondering on a different question.

Given the incremental nature of the PS4, will we also see a PS5 Pro?

If so, does that mean we could see a PS5 Pro at launch? Well, here's what we think.

Will there be a PS5 Pro at launch?

As it stands, the answer is a firm no. We know that there'll be both a normal PS5, as well as a diskless PS5. Both of these will be priced at different points, to allow for a wider range of customers.

It's incredibly unlikely that Sony would already be working on making a more powerful console to eat up their own market.

From a business standpoint, it makes far more sense to target PS5 owners when selling a PS5 Pro, so it's likely we wouldn't see anything of the sort until 2023, or 2024.

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How powerful will a PS5 Pro be?

You can expect it to be more powerful than the PS5, which will probably mean more teraflops. The PS5 lags behind the Xbox Series X in this respect, and that's something that Sony will no doubt want to address.

It'll also likely have a more sizeable SSD. While the normal PS5's 800GB SSD is nice, the size of games nowadays is incredibly large, and it'll only get larger as graphics improve.

As a result of this, you'll only be able to store a couple of AAA titles at a time on PS5, and that's something that'll need to be addressed if Sony wants to keep their gamers from having to buy multiple third-party storage devices.

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