Will there be a Mubi app on Xbox Series S/X, and how will players find the indie film streaming service?

So many people use their current-gen consoles for so much more than just gaming. Sure, you might think about it as primarily something to game on, but the chances are that even the most hardcore gamers use it to watch films and TV on too.

Whether you're on it for anime or cult horror films, there's an app for everyone no matter your tastes.

It's because of this that people are wondering about the apps the next-gen consoles will have. Will the Xbox Series S and Series X have your favourite app on it?

Well, let's talk about Mubi on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Is Mubi on Xbox Series X/S confirmed or not?

As it stands the app hasn't been confirmed yet. Unlike some of the bigger names, it's hard to guess whether or not it

Mubi is definitely one we think should be on the console though because it brings a very different style of service to it.

The selection of films on it is incredibly varied and you'll likely discover new things every single day if you like to experiment with what you're watching.

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How will you get Mubi on Xbox Series X/S?

If Mubi is on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, then you'll be able to download it using the on console store.

It'll be a nice and easy affair, and hopefully, the store will have a decent search function to allow you to find everything you're looking for without too much stress.

Plus, the app itself will be free, and the subscriptions for Mubi aren't too pricey either, especially if you're really into your cinema, as no other service provides the kind of variety you can find there.

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