Will iPhone 11 get iOS 18?

Will iPhone 11 get iOS 18? - An image of an iPhone 11

Will iPhone 11 get iOS 18? - An image of an iPhone 11

Hello, iPhone 11 users! Are you curious about whether your device will be graced with the upcoming iOS 18 update? You've come to the perfect spot. Today, we tackle the pressing query: Will iPhone 11 get iOS 18?

iOS 18 is surrounded by immense excitement, touted as one of the biggest updates in the history of iOS. However, the question that remains for many is whether this significant update will be accessible to iPhone 11 users.

We delve into Apple's update patterns, the capabilities of the iPhone 11, and the anticipated features of iOS 18 to provide a clear, informed perspective on the likelihood of your device getting this update.

Will iPhone 11 get iOS 18?

Yes, the iPhone 11 will "likely" get iOS 18, considering Apple's history of supporting devices for about 6 years. Released in September 2019, it would be roughly 5 years old in 2024, fitting within the usual update cycle for Apple devices.

However, with iOS 18 rumoured to be the biggest update in the history of iOS, featuring numerous AI capabilities, there are questions about whether the relatively older hardware of the iPhone 11 (A13 Bionic) will be efficient enough to run it smoothly.

Apple prioritises providing users with a smooth, fast experience, and if the iPhone 11 is unable to deliver this with iOS 18, they might not roll out the update to these phones. That said, it is important to note that this is just our speculation.

iOS 18 is slated to be revealed at WWDC 2024 in June. At this event, we will get more information on the devices compatible with the new operating system. But as things stand currently, the iPhone 11 is expected to receive the iOS 18 update.

That covers everything on the availability of iOS 18 on iPhone 11. If the update isn't available for this model, it might be a good time to consider an upgrade. You could explore models like the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, or 15 Pro Max.

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