Wild Hearts Steam Deck performance - how does the game run?

Wild Hearts Steam Deck angry monster

Wild Hearts Steam Deck angry monster

Sometimes, you can't have enough monster hunting. That is why many people are itching to take a ride on Electronic Arts' version of the classic Monster Hunter gameplay. But how does Wild Heart run on Steam Deck? Let's take a look at its performance.

Wild Hearts is set in a medieval Japan world, where your monster hunting skills will be put to the test. Using arcane technology, you will venture to get rid of fearsome beasts that are slowly destroying the land. It features both single player and co-op gameplay modes.

Let's take a look, then, at Wild Hearts performance on the Steam Deck and what we should expect.

How does Wild Hearts run on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, by all accounts it seems that performance on the Steam Deck is not up to snuff. Even during the tutorial, on the lowest graphics settings, the game struggles to even hit 30 FPS. Since the game has no lower resolutions than 1280x800, there is not much you can do beside lowering its graphical settings.

But even with the lowest settings, you will have problems, especially during some of the more wild boss fights where the framerate could even go to the single digit area. Expect also to have moments where Wild Hearts will pause completely or, even, crash. On the plus side, the game is compatible with the portable machine's built-in controls.

Improvements to the Steam Deck performance

Luckily, the team seems to be aware of the issues, as they are also plaguing the PC version. A reddit post from the team, dated the 14th of February, mentions that a patch is expected to hit next week, addressing specifically CPU bottleneck problems which have been preventing gamers from enjoying Wild Hearts while on EA .

The team also mentioned that they are working to improve performance across the board, also regarding DLSS and FSR support which will arrive in a future patch. So, it is definitely worth waiting for a couple of patches before trying to take Wild Hearts on the go since, right now, the performance is just too rough to have a smooth experience.

That is all we have right now regarding Wild Hearts' performance on the Steam Deck, but we will update the guide after the release of the game and improvements have been made to its overall performance. In the meantime, why not check out our other guides like how to change the controller order and every shortcut you need to know.

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