Which email address is linked to my Spotify account?

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Linking emails to various social media platforms, apps, and streaming services is now a very common thing for their users. And this includes the green-themed Spotify.

Spotify could be considered as the number one and most popular music streaming service platform in the world today.

And just like any other streaming service (i.e., Netflix), it will require you to link your email address. But which email address is linked to your Spotify account?

Here's how to find out:

How to find out your Spotify email address

Actually your email address won't appear in the Spotify app.

But if you want to know your email add (assuming you don't remember it), head to the password reset option in the app and enter the possible email addresses that you own.

Once you have entered the right one, you will receive a confirmation message that the password reset email was sent.

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Change your linked email address

Yet if ever you really cannot remember your linked email address to Spotify, you can change it.

The official support page of Spotify listed ways on how to do it. Just log in to your account page and click the edit profile.

Find the email option, and then enter your new email address. Finish it by confirming your password. Save your profile afterwards.

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