What is an Intel NUC?

Desktop computers are traditionally much larger than laptops or tablets, in order to make room for the performance enhancing components they offer. But gradually, the technology has reached a point where these same performance benefits can be found in much smaller devices. Nothing shows this better than the Intel NUC.

This is where the Mini PC comes in, and Intel are no strangers to this type of device.

Read on, to find out what you need to know.

NUC Explained

NUC (proncounced to rhyme with "luck" or "truck") stands for Next Unit of Computing.

They are small form PCs, possessing the performance of their much larger desktop equivalents.

Inside, Intel include a processor, fast memory, and large storage, without compromising on performance.

But what makes these particular Mini PCs stand out?

Inside Intel

One of the main features of the NUC, is that they come in such a wide variety of forms.

Some are extremely powerful, while others are described as "barebones" kits, giving users control over what other components to add specification.

They can be utilized effectively in office environments, and upgraded regularly to keep up with business needs.

At home, you might use one for your home office, your home theater, or connect to multiple monitors at once.

So all in all, the Intel NUC is a strong option if you are considering buying a Mini PC.

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