Watch Dogs Legion: Game-breaking bug on Xbox One X won't be fixed until AFTER the game comes out

Watch Dogs: Legion follows the massively excellent Watch Dogs 2 and continues the story of DedSec as they continue to stick it to the man. The new game is due to launch on 29th October 2020.

This time around though, the game is set in London after Brexit in a version of the country taken over by private security firms where the government are corrupt and everything is terrible. No pandemic though, so it's got that going for it.

Well, plenty of people will be incredibly excited to jump into this new game as soon as they can.

However, you shouldn't touch it at all until this game-breaking bug on Xbox One X.

Watch Dogs Legion isn't working on Xbox One X

As reported on by Eurogamer, the Xbox One X version of the game is running into the bug around six hours into the campaign on a mission called 404.

Take a couple of minutes to enjoy the unbridled irony of this whole thing. Just sit with it, it's funny, right?

Anyway, this bug makes the game freeze and then the console shuts down.

On top of that, there's also been talk from other reviewers of the game bricking their consoles entirely.

As such, we thoroughly recommend just avoiding the game until this has been confirmed as being fixed, which will apparently be on the 30th via a patch. That's the day after the game comes out.

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Is Watch Dogs: Legion any good?

It looks as though Watch Dogs: Legion is getting fairly good reviews so far. It seems to be averaging around the 8/10 mark for those who haven't been claimed by the bug.

The general consensus is that it's fun but a bit messy due to the wealth of characters you can play as, but if that sounds okay to you then maybe you should get it.

You might just want to wait a couple of days before jumping into the Xbox One X version, though.

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