Warzone Season 5 HDD Size: Will PS5 and Series X have even BIGGER requirements for a 4K port?

A new month brought a new season to Call of Duty: Warzone last week, with the game bringing its fifth season to the game since its launch in March, only five months ago.

It’s crazy to think it’s not even been a year since its release, and yet it’s everywhere; from YouTube how-to guides to casual meet-ups though Discord and Slack to take on all the modes with friends.

But of course, it’s not without its reputation for having huge file sizes when patches are released. Some are having to uninstall other games on their consoles or even PC’s to just have the patches download and install. It’s also the same here, with the patch coming in around 40GB.

With this it brings the question of; how will these patches be for a 4K version of Warzone? Let’s find out.

A Warzone of Storage

Season 5 has brought a plethora of new features, from new maps such as an oil rig, an airport, and even map updates such as the opening of the stadium and all the trains.

But what makes this release more memorable is the addition of a ‘Mini Royale’, which is described as the ‘first 5 and last 5 minutes of a match’, where the pressure is ramped up and there’s a race to make sure that players are inside the circle so that they’re not losing out.

But with this it begs the question of just how this would translate to next-gen releases. With both consoles featuring a 800GB - 1TB solid-state hard drive, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Activision to make sure that the game looks as good as it can be on these, and as a launch title for both systems.

It wouldn’t be too unrealistic to imagine Warzone being the easiest of installs for both systems, and both featuring crossplay, so the install-size may just be around 100GB. Just.

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Warzone in 4K

It also brings the question of the new graphics cards coming soon. NVIDIA has already begun the hints towards their new 3000 series, and AMD have confirmed to be on track for their new GPU lineup as well. Mixing in Warzone to this, and crossplay, could bring some new graphical features, such as ray-tracing and the 4K textures.

But when it comes to the PS5 and Series X, it’s pretty much a given to expect higher requirements in storage for Warzone, but Activision needs to find a way to make these storage issues easier.

People have been known to share their experiences of uninstalling the game frequently just to play other games they have bought, or installed games that require patches, so this is something that will inevitably grow into an issue that the company are surely aware of.

But for now anyway, we are all waiting to see just when the consoles, and the new graphics cards will release, just so we can all try out the mini-royale.

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