How to fix the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error

An image of the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error

An image of the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error

The eagerly awaited Warzone Mobile has finally arrived. Yet, the excitement of some users quickly turned to disappointment when they were greeted with unpleasant an "Unsupported GPU" error message upon launching Warzone Mobile.

Despite the developers' efforts to optimise the game through its limited release phase, these issues have persisted for some users. In addition to the GPU error, players have reported experiencing lag, overheating, and even crashing during gameplay.

This guide aims to address these frustrations head-on, offering a comprehensive set of troubleshooting tips to help you fix the "Unsupported GPU" error and dive back into the heart of the action without interruption.

Why am I getting the "Unsupported GPU" error?

If you are encountering the "Unsupported GPU" error in Warzone Mobile, here are the possible causes:

  • Your phone's GPU is below the required spec: If your device is equipped with a GPU that's less powerful than the Adreno 618, it may not support the graphical demands of the game, leading to compatibility issues.
  • The game is not optimized for your device's GPU: Even if your device's GPU is equivalent to or better than the Adreno 618, the game might not yet be optimized to run with your specific GPU model.

Based on user feedback, we've identified that devices equipped with the Dimensity 7020, Snapdragon 720, and Snapdragon 712 chipsets are experiencing issues. Among these, only the Snapdragon 712 is equipped with a GPU that is less powerful than the Adreno 618.

How to fix the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error

To fix the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error, begin by checking your device's specifications to determine the GPU's model. You can find this information on the manufacturer's website or using various apps on the Google Play Store.

If your GPU is below Adreno 618

Consider upgrading to one of the best mid-range phones that exceeds the game's system requirements. This ensures not only compatibility with Warzone Mobile but also with other current and future Android games and applications.

If Your GPU meets or exceeds Adreno 618

Developers often release updates to improve compatibility with more devices over time. If your device's GPU is not currently supported, it might become so in a future game update. Keep an eye on official announcements from the game developers.

That covers everything about the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error. If the game remains unplayable on your device, we recommend waiting for a developer update that addresses these problems. In the meantime, check out the best mobile games like Call of Duty.

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