Warner Bros cancels The Flash Comic-Con plans amid Ezra Miller controversies

The Flash has been a major headache for Warner Bros. With title star Ezra Miller’s behaviour moving from erratic to arrest-worthy, there’s not much faith that the upcoming superhero movie will be the success it was primed to be.

While there is hope that Miller’s behaviour will calm down before the film’s release, Warner Bros. has already decided not to work with Miller after the movie. Furthermore, it appears that the company is harshly limiting the film’s marketing.

Warner Bros. excuse for not having The Flash in Comic-Con

A report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Warner Bros. doesn’t want to show off The Flash at Comic-Con. The company’s official word on the film’s missed performance is due to it being “too far out” with a scheduled June 2023 release date.

However, the outlet also claims that Warner Bros states the movie would not make a “meaningful” impact at the comic book movie showcase. However, this may be due to Miller.

The Flash skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year was expected as soon as stories surrounding the actor released. With Miller currently “on the run” with a teenager and avoiding being served restraining orders, there’s no way that they’d attend such a public event.

Considering reports released claiming that a new trailer for The Flash was in editing, prior to Miller’s multiple arrests, the situation seems more complex. If anything, it appears clear that Warner is attempting to avoid any bad press at the showcase.

It’s also worth noting that the report also claims that Blue Beetle won’t be making an appearance either since the film is also taking a while.

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Will DC still appear at Comic-Con?

Despite not having plans to showcase The Flash or Blue Beetle, Warner Bros. appears to be pushing through with a DCEU panel. The report claims that this panel will focus on upcoming movies like Black Adam, DC’s League of Super-Pets, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. It’s a lot of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and we’re sure people would rather see her than Ezra Miller.

Plans for this DC panel are still being finalized, so don’t be too surprised if there are some more surprises like Batgirl or something related to Batman. Until anything is confirmed, all we can do is speculate on what can appear on the panel. Just don’t expect to see Ezra Miller in a public space anytime soon since they are a jerk.

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