Warner Bros' Black Superman is “long overdue" says Zack Snyder

Warner Bros is leaving the established SnyderVerse behind for future DC projects. After the studio’s failures of delivering Justice League and the rest of the cinematic universe, they're instead looking for a reboot. One of those reboots involves the first theatrical instance of a Black Superman.

Despite the fact that this will see the end of his Man of Steel, Zack Snyder is positive on the possibility of a Black Superman. In fact, the director thinks that the decision to make Superman a PoC has taken far too long.

Zack Snyder thinks Black Superman is “long overdue"

In an interview with Radio Times, Justice League director Zack Snyder revealed that a cinematic Black Superman is long overdue. While a new Superman wouldn't replace Snyder's vision of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, he believes it’s a good choice.

“My feeling is that I love JJ [Abrams], I love what he’s done in the past," Snyder said. "I’m interested to see what happens, it’s a bold and cool and probably long overdue move. But I love Henry [Cavill] as Superman, of course I do. He’s my superman."

The director continued to explain that he's currently not a part of any of Warner Bros' decisions. With Warner Bros allegedly being “Aggressively Anti-Snyder”, he likely won't be involved in any future DC decisions.

“I’m not really involved in any of the decision-making at Warner Brothers in any way," he continued. "So I guess for me it’s just wait and see what they do with this and how it manifests itself. But on the surface, it seems interesting.”

Snyder has always been a fan of a diverse cast for his DCEU movies. Not only did the director push to have Cyborg as the main character of Justice League, but the director also pushed for Martian Manhunter and a Black Green Lantern in the DCEU. The directing approving of this new Superman is far from surprising, even in the face of his own version.

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