Apple Has Plans for Vision Pro 2, Wants to Make a Cheaper Headset Between That Time

vision pro 2 cheaper lite vr headset
Credit: Apple

vision pro 2 cheaper lite vr headset
Credit: Apple


  • The Vision Pro 2 is reportedly coming out in 2026
  • Apple also has plans to release a cheaper revision, but are struggling to do so
  • VR headsets are still designed for a niche audience

Apple’s Vision Pro 2 is reportedly set for release but the company is struggling to try and make a cheaper VR headset in the meantime. Like other pieces of tech, Apple is trying to make a “lite” version of their current model to get more buys and they’re struggling to do so.

Bloomberg reports (via Upload VR) that Apple has no plans to make a second-generation model until at least 2026, with hopes to release a cheaper model before then. However, the company is struggling to try and make this “lite” model less costly, not knowing what to remove.

Prior to the revelation of this Vision Pro 2, there were reports of Apple working on a cheaper headset to try and sell to the market. This isn’t exactly revolutionary, as other companies have also tried making cheaper versions of their headset. Competitor Meta is also reportedly working on a Meta Quest 3 Lite, which still doesn’t have a release date.

Making a cheaper VR headset is going to be tricky, since the technology is already targeted towards a niche market. That’s why these devices are usually pretty costly, as the technology is impressive and will only be appreciated by some tech nerds. While the first Apple Vision Pro did sell decently, this is because Apple is a reliable brand and VR users were interested in what they were working on.

If Apple really is making their Vision Pro 2, the company will have to fight for more apps this time, as the current model is missing plenty. Even something basic like YouTube isn’t an app in the Vision Pro, which is embarrassing since most smartphones and tablets have it. Only time will tell if an improved model with more apps will actually impress users, though this will likely stay a niche hobby.

The Apple Vision Pro is available now. Fans shouldn’t expect an Apple Vision Pro 2 for sometime, though reports are claiming one might be coming by 2026.

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