VIDEO: The Game Boy Camera is now a real webcam, thanks to this awesome fan mod

The internet is awash with oddities and curiosities and it's easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole with no sign of escape.

Sometimes though, it's a prison of your own making, and you decide to take on a challenge that was made as a flippant comment on a forum.

Now, occasionally these things aren't all that impressive, but it turns out that every so often you get a wonderous thing that shows off just how ingenious people can be.

We aren't going to say which category this falls into, but it is definitely interesting at the very least.

It turns out the Game Boy Camera is still fairly functional

Someone on YouTube called Berndog decided to see if they could get a Game Boy Camera to work as a webcam.

Now, we'll get to what a Game Boy Camera is in a second, just in case you don't know, but the key thing here is that it takes a lot of effort to manage this, and also isn't worth doing it, at least according to Berndog.

Nevertheless, he did it anyway, and you can see a video of it below.

It is, irrelevant of how much hassle it was, quite impressive to behold. Now then, onto the camera itself.

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What is the Game Boy Camera?

The Game Boy Camera was a peripheral that you could plug into the game slot of the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, or Game Boy Advance.

You could then use it to take photos and play some mini-games. It was a cool oddity back when it released back in 1998, but it didn't really get that much attention at the time and ceased production in 2002.

Also, if you take a look at the specs you can see just how far technology has come since then:

  • ROM capacity:8-Mbit + 1M-Bit (SRAM = memory)
  • Weight: about 70g
  • Memory space: 30 pictures
  • Focal distance of lens: 20 cm
  • Exposure value: 2.2.
  • Shutter speed: automatic, depending on lighting conditions

So, there you have it, that's everything you need to know.

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