VIDEO: See how fast you can swap between games with QUICK RESUME on Xbox Series X/S

With both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S now not only announced, but complete with a price point and a release date, we're all pretty excited to see what they can do.

There are a lot of exciting features included in both consoles, and while we would rather be able to test them out ourselves, it's still incredibly cool to see them in action.

While we've heard a lot about the SSD and the generally graphical quality of the next-gen, one we've not really seen one of the new features in action, at least, up until now.

Well, we've seen Quick Resume now, and it's amazing.

What is Quick Resume?

You know how you can pause a Switch game by simply putting the console into rest mode and then you can pick it up later and start right where you left off? That's basically Quick Resume.

However, on the Xbox Series S and X, it's a lot more impressive than that.

Instead of just suspending one game, you can suspend multiple, and it takes literally seconds to switch back and forth between multiple games.

That sounds absurd, right? Well, yeah, but we've now seen a video of it.

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Quick Resume video: See it in action

Let's be honest, this kind of feature is perfect if you just can't decide what to play. That's not a rare thing, we've all been overcome by choice paralysis every now and then, and Game Pass, while excellent, doesn't help.

Well, Wario64 shared a video of it over on Twitter, and boy oh boy is Quick Resume impressive.

It's hard to overstate how impressive this is to watch, let alone the idea of actually using it.

Keep in mind this is on the Series S too, which means the Series X might be even faster.

You can also check out Microsoft's official Quick Resume Tech Demo video, which has actually been on the web since March...

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