VIDEO: Microsoft shares 14 minutes of Xbox Series X/S "walkthrough" footage

We are just under two weeks away from the Xbox Series S/X launching, and Microsoft have released a video showcasing the UI of both consoles, and showing the switching between games thanks to 'Quick Resume'.

With many pre-orders of both consoles selling out in record time across the world, even in Japan in a first for the company, many are waiting to see just how their existing games will work on their new Xbox console.

From the new UI, to 'quick resume', sharing content and the Xbox app on smart devices, a great deal is spoken of in this video which can get any new user ready.

With that, lets see what the video entails.

Xbox ON

Hosted by two individuals from Xbox, they are seen scrolling through the UI, Game Pass, and games such as 'Assassin's Creed: Valhalla' on a Series X, showcasing just how the overall UI looks.

There's also dynamic backgrounds which is a first for the Xbox consoles, and everything has a layout similar to one from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

It's an evolution of the UI that began with the first Xbox almost twenty years ago, and they also go into detail about the 1TB storage card that comes with the console.

Alongside the Xbox app, they tout this as a way of managing content and messages with their friends while a game is updating itself from the latest patch.

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Starting Up in November

There's even a humorous moment where they tout the 'share' button for tapping once for a screenshot, and a longer press for a thirty-second video.

The video gives a great insight as to what the two consoles will bring to users when it launches in two weeks, alongside re-confirming EA Play also coming to the Xbox Game Pass service.

The post that has the video attached, says in how "you’ll get a closer look at how we’ve made it faster than ever to get into your games, how games on the next generation of Xbox look better and play better than ever before, and how the Xbox app keeps you connected to your console and friends, even when you’re not home."

There's plenty of questions still lingering, as to whether other differing storage cards are coming to the console, and just how the start-up screen will look like. But for now, we've got the best video in showing us just how we will be using our Xbox Series S/X when it launches from 10th November.

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