Valorant Error VAN 1067: How To Fix The Valorant Connection Error

Increasing numbers of people are migrating over to Windows 11, and Valorant players are running into the Valorant error VAN 1067. Shockingly, it has nothing to do with a common cargo vehicle. Less shocknigly, it has plenty to do with Windows 11, and the way it interacts with the game.

So here's the rundown of what's going on, so you can get your Valorant fix in without feeling like you have to revert back to your old version of Windows.

How To Fix Valorant Error VAN 1067

As we intimated in the introduction, this error appears to be very closely linked to Windows 11. And while Windows 11 has a lot of great features, it has also had its fair share of teething troubles. In terms of this error, the most common way to fix it is as follows:

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Turn on TPM 2.0

In order to uograde successfully to Windows 11, you need TPM 2.0. And usually, this will be activated automatically when you upgrade. But in some cases, you need to turn it on manually. To do this:

  • Restart your PC.
  • As it is booting, you will need to enter BIOS. For most people, you will need to press F2 or Delete. But this can vary, and you may need to check with your PC manufacturer to find out which key allows you to access BIOS.
  • Once you have entered the BIOS menu, you'll need to do some digging. Depedning on the manufacturer, you may need to go into one of AdvancedSecurity, or Trusted Computing.
  • Within this sub-menu, you need to find the option to enable TPM. Again, this can be labelled differently, so you are looknig for one of the following: Security DeviceSecurity Device SupportTPM StateAMD fTPM switchAMD PSP fTPMIntel PTT,or Intel Platform Trust Technology.
  • Once you find what you are looking for, enable TPM, save the changes, and exit BIOS.

At this stage, your computer should automatically restart with TPM 2.0 enabled. And your VAN 1067 error should then be a thing of the past.

If however, you have TPM 2.0 active and you are still suffering from this problem, we'd recommend contacting the Valorant Support team for further advice.

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Or, Revert To Windows 10

We said at the start there was a solution that avoided you doing this, which is what we outlined above. But if you really, really want, you can revert back to Windows 10. This will also resolve error 1067. It does mean that you don't get to enjoy Windows 11, however.

As always, it's up to you to decide what the right option is.

Valorant Error VAN 1067: Gunfight
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Credit: Riot Games

What Is Error VAN 1067?

This error appears when players are attempting to launch the game, and prevents those players from signing in. The VAN 1067 error is accompanied by a slightly misleading error message, which says, "Valorant has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to connect". We say this is misleading because it implies the problem has something to do with the network or the servers.

But this isn't actually the case. In reality, it is down to the BIOS and TPM settings on your computer. TPM 2.0 is essential for Windows 11 to work properly. So if your settings are wrong, this can interfere with the system, and lead to the error code we are discussing today. Most commonly, players get this error because TPM 2.0 is switched off.

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Luckily, the solution is relatively simple. So follow the steps we mentioned earlier, and the VAN 1067 error will be resolved.

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