Valorant error code 5 - how to fix the connection issue

Valorant error code 5 - how to fix the connection issue
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant error code 5 - how to fix the connection issue
Credit: Riot Games

If you are hit by Valorant error code 5 while trying to login to your account, don't panic!

Like online games, Valorant can be plagued with technical issues that can disrupt gameplay. From error code VAL 57 to VAL 43 to the infamous TPM 2.0 error, there are numerous issues that can frustrate players.

In this article, we'll guide you through some effective solutions to fix the Valorant error code 5. So, let's get started!

What is Valorant error code 5?

According to the support page, error code 5 in Valorant indicates that your account has been logged in elsewhere. But it's worth noting that in some cases, the error code can also be triggered by connectivity issues.

If you encounter the error code while in the middle of a game or while queued up for matchmaking, it's possible that the issue is related to your internet connection or the game's servers.

In case of connectivity issues, you can try resetting your network equipment, restarting your game client, or checking for any ongoing server maintenance or outages.

How to fix Valorant error code 5

If you encounter Valorant error code 5, you will need to log out from all devices, and then wait a few minutes before trying to log in again.

If the problem persists, you may want to try running Valorant as administrator and see if that works. In case it does not, go to Properties > Compatibility and mess with some of the settings there.

In case of connectivity issues, here are some basic troubleshooting tips to fix Valorant error code 5:

  • Check server status: Check the official Valorant server status page or social media accounts for any announcements about server maintenance or outages.
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. If you're using Wi-Fi, try switching to a wired connection for a more stable connection.
  • Restart your router/modem: Sometimes, connectivity issues can be resolved by simply restarting your network equipment. Unplug your router/modem from the power source and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in.
  • Disable Firewall and Antivirus: Your firewall and antivirus software can sometimes interfere with your internet connection. Try disabling them temporarily to see if it resolves the connectivity issue.

If you continue to experience Valorant error code 5 after trying these steps, you may want to contact Valorant support for further assistance. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and resolve the error code.

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