Valorant Agent 25 won't launch with the start Episode 8 Act 2

Silhouettes of multiple Valorant agents
Credit: Riot Games

Silhouettes of multiple Valorant agents
Credit: Riot Games

The start of Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 got a little less exciting as Riot Games has confirmed that Agent 25 will not debut alongside the new season, launching at a later unspecified date.

In a State of the Agents blog post shared on March 1, character producer John Goscicki confirmed rumours about the Agent's role, stating it will be a new Controller, and gave fans a heads up regarding the release date.

We look forward to seeing what you think of Agent 25 during their release later this month, when dropping smokes takes on a new life.

As you can see, while Agent 25 might not be released immediately after Episode 8 Act 2 kicks off on March 5, it is still expected to see the light of day this same month so the wait should not be as excruciating as you might think.

As for the gameplay, on top of confirming Agent 25 will be the first Controller added to the game since Harbor in 2022, Goscicki implied it will be a more offensive-focused one than previous Agents in the same role.

Y’all are some mischievous risk takers. But when you jump into a wee fray, it’s inevitable you’ll lose the fight sometimes, and having the team's Controller be the first or second one out in a round is normally a daft play and can greatly limit you and your team’s options. But we think it will lead to some beautiful moments

Finally, a small Smokedancer image was shared on the blog post, it predominantly features Omen with someone behind him, most likely our elusive Agent 25.

Valorant character Omen shooting a pistol with a person behind them
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Credit: Riot Games
Agent 25 behind Omen

At the moment, we don't know the official name for Agent 25, with Valorant fans only referring to the character by its working development name - Smokedancer. Now speculation will begin regarding what sort of new playstyle this Controller will bring to the table.

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