All Valheim console commands and cheats

Valheim console commands and cheats - An image of a blue troll in the game

Valheim console commands and cheats - An image of a blue troll in the game

Valheim, the popular survival and sandbox game, includes a variety of console commands that can enhance gameplay or help manage your game server.

Whether you're a seasoned Viking or a newcomer to the mythical Norse realms of Valheim, mastering console commands can significantly enhance your gaming experience

This guide will provide you with a detailed list of all available Valheim cheats and console commands, helping you manipulate the game environment to your advantage.

How to use Valheim console commands on a PC

To use Valheim console commands on a PC, press F5 to open the console window. Once open, type "devcommands" into the console to enable cheats. To turn cheats off, simply re-type "devcommands" into the console command.

How to use Valheim console commands on Xbox

To use Valheim console commands on Xbox, simultaneously hold down the Right Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Trigger, and Left Trigger. While holding these, press the Xbox "menu" button, which is marked by three horizontal lines.

Once the console is open, press A to display the Xbox keyboard. To begin using cheats and console commands, enter "devcommands". To stop using cheats, type "devcommands" into the console command box a second time.

Valheim console commands for PC and Xbox

Whether you want to spawn items for crafting, heal yourself, or tame nearby animals, consult the list below to explore the various cheats available in Valheim. These are some useful console commands in Valheim:

  • god - Enables God mode, making you invulnerable.
  • pos - Displays your current coordinates.
  • goto [x,z] - Teleports you to specified coordinates.
  • killall - Kills all nearby enemies.
  • tame - Tames all nearby tameable animals.
  • freefly - Enables free camera mode.
  • ffsmooth - Sets the smoothness of the freefly camera (default is 0.1).
  • heal - Fully heals you.
  • ghost - Makes you invisible and ignored by enemies.
  • event [name] - Starts a specific event.
  • stopevent - Stops the current event.
  • resetwind - Resets the wind.
  • settime [time] - Sets the time of day (0 = dawn, 0.5 = noon, 1 = midnight).
  • weather [weather] - Changes the weather (e.g., Clear, Rain).
  • resetmap - Resets the explored areas on your map.
  • location - Adds a new location to the map.
  • spawn [item][quantity][level] - Spawns specified items or creatures near you.
  • players [number] - Scales difficulty based on the number of players (1 is default, 0 resets to automatic scaling).

While using cheats in Valheim doesn't come with penalties or direct consequences, it's important to note that certain items, once spawned, cannot be despawned. Additionally, relying heavily on cheats might diminish the sense of achievement and enjoyment you get from overcoming the game's challenges naturally.

That covers everything about the Valheim console commands. Before heading off, learn about the Valheim duplication glitch to multiply the resources in your inventory.

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