VAIL VR 1.1 Patch Notes

Two VAIL players donning white suits and full facemasks while carrying SMGs.
Credit: AEXLAB

Two VAIL players donning white suits and full facemasks while carrying SMGs.
Credit: AEXLAB

Curious to see what’s new in AEXLAB’s VR multiplayer shooter? The VAIL VR 1.1 patch notes will give you an overview of the latest changes. With new maps, modes, and more, there's certainly a lot to be excited about.

Initially released in 2022, VAIL VR has since evolved to include a bunch of content that will keep players busy. Many have drawn comparisons between VAIL and other FPS titles like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, which is about as high a praise as you can get within the genre.

Whether you’re returning to the competitive VR shooter or looking to get into it for the first time, it’s worth taking a look at the VAIL VR 1.1 patch notes. So, let’s go ahead and find out what new bits of content AEXLAB has cooked up for the game.

VAIL VR Update 1.1 Patch Notes

Here’s a look at what’s included in the VAIL VR patch 1.1 update:

Prestige System

Players at the max level can now continue to earn in-game rewards like legendary skins and animated emblems through prestige. Aside from reaching max level, players must also be in a matchmaking server in the shuttle between games to access this new feature.

The first tier of prestige is called Cyberwarfare with more planned for future updates.

Gun Game

A new game mode where scoring kills will swap out your current weapon. Every player will start with an AK12 and wield a knife as their final challenge.

Gun Game can be played on all free-for-all maps.

One in the Chamber

Another new mode where you start the game with one bullet in the chamber, a knife, and three lives. Eliminating enemies will reward you with extra ammo. The last person standing wins the match.

This mode can also be played on all free-for-all maps.

New Hardpoint Maps

Hardpoint makes its way to two of VAIL VR’s larger maps, Khidi and Maar. The objectives on these maps will focus on areas that don’t see much action in other modes like the museum in Khidi.

Kanto Progression

A new challenge has been issued to be the first to unlock all of the new knife skins for the Kanto knife progression. The knife now has 20 unlockable skins, and some of them won’t be easy to obtain.

Recently Played Feature

A Recently Played tab has been added to show a list of players you’ve played with in recent matches. You can browse through a player’s profile and add them as a friend through this tab, making the social aspects of the game a little easier to navigate.

Aiming down a sight in VAIL VR to fire at an enemy player.
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Credit: AEXLAB

General Changes

  • If any pellets from a shotgun blast hit a target’s head, it will now be considered a headshot
  • Kanto knife can now stab wood
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  • Various sights now have adjusted reticle visibility
  • Various cosmetics have been improved
  • A new button to exit the game from the play tab has been added
  • Two DLCs are now available in the marketplace
  • Marketplace now allows you to hover over items to see the preview mesh
  • Volt, Este, Shuttle, and Miru have received visual and performance improvements
  • ART_Este and ART_Cliffside have been removed for Artifact

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed music and voice-line issues found in some game modes
  • Fixed issue where friends and leaderboards would not work if you have over 100 friends
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to block others from voting in the shuttle by holding the down button
  • Fixed skins that did not show outlines properly
  • Fixed primary weapon skin applying to MR96 mags in SKZ
  • Fixed G17 irons not being zeroed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the back slot wasn’t working properly for left-handed players
  • UI optimizations
  • General optimizations and fixes

And that wraps up the VAIL VR 1.1 patch notes. If you’re interested in more VR shooting games, you may want to check out Ghosts of Tabor, a VR extraction shooter.

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