How To Use Seed In Midjourney

How to use seed in Midjourney african woman under baobab

How to use seed in Midjourney african woman under baobab

Generating images, thanks to the use of AI image generators, has become really easy. If you're looking to get realistic images or even use different aspect ratios, then Midjourney has you covered. But what if you're looking to get consistent results? Then you have to learn how to use seed in Midjourney.

Clearly, generating good-looking images is easy enough if you know which prompt to use in Midjourney, but getting consistent results is also necessary, especially if you want to use them in a single project.

So, in order to do this, the developers have implemented a specific mechanic, let's look at how to use seed in Midjourney.

How to use seed in Midjourney

If we want to force Midjourney to generate similar images, we can use the seed command. Basically, by specifying a single starting point for our prompt, we can go back to it and get similar-looking images.

In order to use seed, there are two different commands we can insert into our prompts. They are as follows:

  • Insert -seed and a random number in your prompt, to specify a single point and then use it.
  • You can also use -sameseed, also with whole numbers, to specify a starting noise similar for various images.

Basically, Midjourney selects a random seed value in each image generation process. This way, it defines the type of starting noise pattern used by the AI to generate the image after your prompt. The "seed" value is a number used to introduce a random, but overall consistent, noise to the process.

How to recover a seed from an image

So far, we've seen how to specify a seed for an image, but what if you've already specified a prompt without the "-seed" value? No worries, you can easily recover the seed also from those past images. Let's see how.

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Use Discord to find an image's seed number

This is the simplest method, just look back at the Discord message which contained the image you asked for.

Now, react to it with an "envelope" emoji and the bot should soon specify which seed it used in that specific case. If you can't find the emoji, just type "envelope" in the search bar and it should be there.

If you can't find the job anymore, because there have been several messages since then, you can still recover the seed by recovering the Job ID and then using it to get the seed number. Here's how to do it:

  • Look in your member gallery for the image you want the seed to.
  • From the menu, you can select "copy" and then "Job IDs" to select it. Alternatively, the Image id is the last part of the URL of the gallery.
  • Now, in the Discord chat, you can use a command to revive the job.
  • Type "/show <Job ID number>" and the job should reappear.
  • Now react to it with the envelope emoji.

By using seed numbers, you can be sure to create consistent images all across the board and use them in your project. Before you leave, take a look at the best Midjourney prompts to generate realistic images.

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