US Navy Twitch streamers are told how to react to comments about war crimes

Twitch is an odd platform because it's not just content creators and streamers that use it. Anybody can use it, and it's led to some very strange moments in the last few months.

One highlight was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streaming Among Us to try and get more people to vote, which is good, because more votes means better representation of the general populace.

On the other side of things, you've got the US Navy streaming on Twitch, not to encourage democracy, but seemingly to encourage the viewers to join up.

This does, in turn, lead to some pretty weird situations, like this one we're going to tell you about today...

The US Navy has new answers to their least favourite questions

Whether you're in favour of the US Navy recruiting through Twitch or not, you might already be aware that the navy's streamers keep getting asked questions they don't like, with the main one being "What's your favourite U.S. war crime?"

They have four answers to this according to @MicahLoewinger on Twitter.

All four of these answers are designed to deflect from the question, and it feels incredibly disingenuous - in this writer's opinion - for there to be a script to even read from in situations like this.

And that's not all this bizarre story has to offer...

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Also, there's a list of games

It turns out that the streamers are meant to play the top titles too:

This, presumably, is to try and lure in as many people as possible to the stream.

And there you have it - some of the weird requirements the US Navy is giving to its Twitch streamers. This is still a very odd situation, and we don't feel much better about it after seeing these documents.

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