US Customs completely destroyed a sealed copy of Pokémon Yellow

us customs completely destroyed a sealed copy of pokemon yellow
Credit: The Pokémon Company and Stephen Kick

us customs completely destroyed a sealed copy of pokemon yellow
Credit: The Pokémon Company and Stephen Kick

To the shock and horror of many collectors, US customs destroyed an almost-perfect sealed and graded version of Pokémon Yellow. While the cartridge itself is fine, the reason the item is worth so much has been stripped away, and US customs is to blame.

In recent years, the prices of sealed Pokémon games have skyrocketed, especially those for first-gen Game Boy games. Sealed and graded copies of Pokémon Yellow typically go for thousands of dollars, with some going as far as $30,000 or more.

Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick posted about the poor condition of this Game Boy Color classic on Twitter. The retro-game expert revealed that his friend had ordered a graded and sealed version of the iconic Pokémon game, and it was destroyed before delivery.

Kick says that US customs broke the game’s acrylic case, ripped the seal, and sliced the box open. From what can be seen in the image, those actions appear to be the case. The game came from Wata Games but it’s obvious that they didn’t do this damage to the case.

We’re at a loss of words as to why US customs felt the need to thrash this copy of Pokémon Yellow. Obviously, the Customs agents were searching for illegal drugs and paraphernalia, but the extent of the damage here is truly horrifying.

With the massive popularity explosion in graded games, comics and more, situations like this are bound to become more common. If you’re looking to spend thousands on a graded Pokémon game, maybe think twice if it has to go through customs.

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Currently, the only way to legally play Pokémon Yellow is to purchase a digital version on the 3DS eShop. Since that will be closing soon, fans with a 3DS better buy the game soon. Otherwise, they can try their luck with US customs and see if their copy is safe and sound.

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