Unreleased ARM iMac referenced in XCODE crash

Apple's move from Intel hardware to in-house Apple Silicon chips was a huge success for the company. The first wave of M1 Macs have been heavily praised when compared to years of underwhelming Intel performance. However, while Apple has incorporated their new hardware into their laptops, they've yet to release what people really want to see: ARM Macs.

Reported by 9to5Mac, evidence has appeared that suggests Apple is creating an ARM-based desktop Mac. Hopefully, it won't be long until fans get to see it.

What is the ARM iMac?

As the information has only just been brought to light, not much is known about this unreleased Mac hardware.

Revealed through a screenshot of an XCODE crash report, there is now evidence on an ARM-based desktop Mac in the works. The screenshot (below) was captured by DaftCloud developer Dennis Oberhoff.

imac xocde screenshot 1
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DaftCloud developer Dennis Oberhoff noticed an ARM Mac crash on his app.

With Apple likely using third-party apps such as DaftCloud to test upcoming hardware, it's fairly obvious that this upcoming device isn't too far away.

When will Apple Silicon Macs release?

It appears that Apple Silicon Macs are swiftly approaching. With the discontinuation of the Intel Macs last week, Apple looks keen to move towards the future with new hardware.

While it's clear that Intel isn't happy about Apple’s termination of their business relationship, Apple most certainly is. With better performance and battery life on their laptops, the prospect of an unleashed desktop is very promising.

Apple also has other plans in the works alongside the new Apple Silicon Macs. There are also leaked renders of their AirPods 3, rumours of a new iPad, a mixed reality headset and even a foldable iPhone. Will all of this be revealed at a rumored March event?

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