Unions deploy Spy Drones to investigate controversial Amazon labour practices

The labour practices of Amazon continue to surprise, with many calling the company’s actions reprehensible. In response, unions are fighting back, using spy drones and secret agents to investigate rumours.

Reportedly, unions are utilising drones to check on the billion-dollar company’s labour practices due to countless controversies. Only time will tell if this ends up working but it can’t be denied that this can get quick results.

Beating Amazon with drones

Business Insider reports that labor groups have been doing their best to uncover some of these labour practices from Amazon. Due to a lack of results, some unions ended up using drones to spy on the company’s workshops and see if they broke any labour laws.

Paul Diaz earned a drone license so that he could use them to spy on the company and see if they did anything wrong. Diaz claims his use of the spy drone revealed that the company was underpaying workers, though the claims were denied.

Aside from underpaying workers, the company has also been accused of being linked to a cult and hiring minors. Obviously, none of that has really affected their shipping since so many people rely on Amazon, but this can build a case for them.

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Drones and…spies?

It’s not just spy drones that were used on Amazon but actual spies as well, working there secretly for information. Evidence is badly needed to bring down the company, or at least damage them enough so they won’t do it again to others.

Unfortunately, it seems that all the evidence in the world might not hurt the company, due to its seemingly unlimited resources. Numerous cases against the company have been brought up but aren’t given enough attention due to the grip Amazon has on so many companies.

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