UK schools introduce facial recognition for lunch payments to limit germs

Multiple UK schools have decided to bring school dinners into the future. Instead of purchasing warm meals or mediocre meatball subs with barely working plastic cards, school children will instead be using their faces.

Reported by The Verge, schools throughout the United Kingdom will be implementing the technology. However, the decision to introduce facial tracking into school environments has been heavily criticised.

Facial Recognition coming to UK schools

Currently, the new facial recognition tech has only been introduced in nine schools in North Ayrshire, Scotland. Installed by CRB Cunninghams, the technology replaces typical payment cards and fingerprints with face scanners.

Schools are defending the introduction of facial recognition as a more hygienic form of payment inside a pandemic. Instead of paying with a card, kids select their meal and get their face scanned. Additionally, the technology has the benefit of being faster.

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 A controversial decision

Facial recognition is a very controversial topic at the moment. With current systems known to show racial bias in most situations, the technology is being hit with a wave of proposed regulations. European Parliament is planning on restricting the use of facial recognition and White House science advisors have requested an AI Bill of Rights.

At the time of writing, 97% of children in the nine schools have been enrolled in the program. However, it's noted that a lot of parents do not understand the introduction of the technology. Furthermore, it's not clear if the technology works perfectly.

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