Ubisoft allegedly remaking Prince of Persia 2008 after Sands of Time

ubisoft prince of persia remake sands of time the masked protagonist stares while posing with a sword
Credit: Ubisoft

ubisoft prince of persia remake sands of time the masked protagonist stares while posing with a sword
Credit: Ubisoft

While Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake seems to be going through some issues, the company is already planning a follow-up. Rather than remake the controversial Warrior Within sequel, Ubisoft seems to be remaking or remastering the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot.

The 2008 reboot received mixed-to-positive reviews during its release. Critics loved the cel-shaded visuals but criticised simple gameplay. Furthermore, fans wondered why a reboot was even needed; it’ll be interesting what fans think nowadays.

If true, expect an announcement regarding a remaster/remake for Prince of Persia (2008) sometime after the Sands of Time remake comes out. Overlooked at the time, this could be the game’s chance to bask in the spotlight, should the rumours prove to be true.

According to TheGamePost, two web domains related to the 2008 game were recently updated, kickstarting rumours. Both domains are princeofpersia.com and prineofpersiagame.com, which used to lead to the reboot’s website.

Soon after, the official Prince of Persia Twitter account released artwork from the game, adding even more fuel to the fire. Despite not showing his face, the image clearly depicts the 2008 Prince taking part in assisted acrobatics, a major mechanic in the game.

Since most fans associate Prince of Persia with the Sands of Time quadrilogy, this would be a good way to highlight an underrated gem. Only time will tell if this actually happens though, as Ubisoft hasn’t even provided an update on the Sands of Time remake, though it hasn’t been canceled.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see the Prince of Persia franchise get its time to shine again. The last time game in the series was Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, set in the Sands of Time continuity and acting as a loose tie-in for the live-action movies.

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Ubisoft has been getting nostalgic for its older IPs lately. Aside from the Sands of Time remake, the company is also working on a Splinter Cell remake. Will the Prince be better off than Sam Fisher?

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