How to fix TP-Link error code 80002

TP-Link error code 80002 - An image of a white TP-Link router on a yellow background

TP-Link error code 80002 - An image of a white TP-Link router on a yellow background

Struggling with the obscure TP-Link error code 80002? Encountering this error code can be a major roadblock when you're trying to fine-tune the settings of your TP-Link router.

But worry not. Whether you're using TP-Link's best Wi-Fi router or a budget Wi-Fi router in their lineup, rest assured that we have your back

In this comprehensive guide, we'll demystify the TP-Link error code 80002 and provide you with tried-and-tested solutions to resolve this unknown error.

To fix TP-Link error code 80002, begin by navigating to your network settings. From there, change the router's IP address. Afterwards, reboot the router to ensure the changes take effect.

Once the router has restarted, log in to the router's configuration page using the newly assigned IP address, and the error should be solved. Many users in the HelpOwl forum have found this method helpful, so it is likely to work for you as well.

In case the issue persists, we recommend you power cycle your router. To do this, unplug both your router from the power outlet. Wait for one minute, and then plug the router back into the power outlet.

Given that the error message simply states "unknown error" without providing specific details, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact nature or meaning of this error. It could be a generic, catch-all error code used to indicate various underlying issues.

While the precise cause of TP-Link error code 80002 also remains a mystery, based on the effective fixes, it's reasonable to speculate that the issue may be attributed to either an IP address conflict or a temporary network glitch.

And that's everything we know about the TP-Link error code 80002. We hope this guide helped you in resolving this error. If you're contemplating a router upgrade, would you like to explore the best small Wi-Fi router options for 2023?

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