Total War: Pharaoh cheats - master every cheat code

Total War Pharaoh cheats - angry Pharaoh commanding mob

Total War Pharaoh cheats - angry Pharaoh commanding mob

Ready to cheat? Indeed, the new chapter in the Total War series brings back many of the old codes, while also adding others. There are tons of effects to try by knowing all of the best Total War: Pharaoh cheats and finding out what they do.

We will list some of the best ones, while dividing them in various categories so you can find out easily which one you might need if you are looking for a quick victory or just having fun with your city.

Keep reading to find out what Total War: Pharaoh cheats you might like to use. For more on the game, check out what we know about the Total War: Pharaoh map. We've also got a look at the game's system requirements, plus the platforms it's on.

All Total War: Pharaoh cheats

Cheat code
Pharaohs Tomb
Completes current mission
Treasure Chest
Gain 1000 deben
Next inundation is improved (requires Osiris)
Life From Death
Doubles farm harvest
Noble Djed
Stock jewelers, weavers, shipwrights (requires Ptah)
Supreme craftsman
Warehouse is filled with goods (requires Ptah)
Pharaohs Glory
Better exports (requires Ra)
Sun Disk
Improves Kingdom ranking (requires Ra)
Spirit of Typhon
Seth will kill some invaders (requires Seth, obviously)
Typhonian Relief
Soldiers will be shielded in battle (requires Seth)

Total War: Pharaoh cheats with negative effects

Sometimes you might like to experiment a bit with some cheats that bring about negative events, let's see what they do.

Cheat code
Fury of Seth
Destroys every ship (requires Seth)
Seth Strikes
Your best company is gone (requires Seth)
Lower rating for the kingdom (requires Ra)
Bird of Prey
Lower trading (requires Ra)
Storage yard is destroyed (requires Ptah)
Big Dave
Some industrial buildings will be obliterated (requires Ptah)
Cat Fight
A fire will spread to some of your houses (requires Bast)
Kitty Litter
City will be hit by a plague (requires Bast)
Destroys some of the farms (requires Osiris)
Mummys Curse
The next flood will be worse (requires Osiris)

How to enable Total War: Pharaoh cheats

We've seen the cheats, but how to actually enter them? There are two ways. First, you can simply open the settings menu, then go to Gameplay, scroll to "Cheat Codes," and enable them.

There will be an exclamation mark in your left-side menu that tells you that cheats are now enabled. You can find out which ones to activate if you click on that icon, so you don't even need to type them.

But if you are a nostalgic of the old ways and want to input them via keyboard, then simply enter the following combination: CTRL + ALT + C. A box will appear where you can simply type your desired cheats.

That's all we have on the cheats in Total War: Pharaoh. For more tips and tricks on the game, you might want to know all about its best units, plus whether it has multiplayer.

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