Top Trending TikTok Hashtags Today

Top Trending TikTok Hashtags Today

Top Trending TikTok Hashtags Today

If you're in search of the top trending TikTok hashtags today, then here is a detailed post for you.

Incorporating trending and relevant hashtags in your TikTok duets or other short videos can help you reach your target audience. As a result, you will get more TikTok followers as well as more engagement on your videos. Combine the latest TikTok trends with top trending TikTok hashtags and the result is viral content.

In this post, we will be going over the top trending hashtags on TikTok. Let's get started!

Without hashtags, your content will only be seen by your followers. But, with hashtags, your content will be seen by a wider audience. If used correctly, hashtags can even help you get on TikTok's "For You" Page (FYP), which will result in more views and followers.

With that in mind, let's look at the top trending TikTok hashtags.

  1. #fyp - 874.5B views
  2. #duet - 840.5 B views
  3. #viral - 393.7B views
  4. #comedy - 282.2B views
  5. #funny - 195.8B views
  6. #love - 184.7B views
  7. #dance - 96.5B views

The TikTok Creative Centre is a great place to browse what's trending now in your country or any given country. You can find the trending hashtags, songs, creators and TikTok videos there, enabling you to dig deeper into top trends in the app. The tool also gives you insight into how likely a particular hashtag or song is to trend within the next 7 days.

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In case you aren't aware, you can find the top trending hashtags and sounds today in your country by going over to the Discover page. Let us save you a trip to the Discover tab and help you with your research. Here are the top trending hashtags on TikTok right now in the US.

  1. #PetsOfTikTok - 58.9B views
  2. #couplestiktok - 18.7B views
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  1. #makeuptutorial - 49.4B views
  2. #WrestleMania - 4.4B views
  3. #springcleaning - 1.2B views

You can also use tools like TikTok Hashtags to discover the most popular hashtags related to a particular topic. This tool will provide you with insightful stats like the number of posts, views and post views.

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How Many Hashtags To Use On TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t set a limit on the number of hashtags you can use. However, if you use too many hashtags (especially high-frequency ones), TikTok algorithms will consider it spam behaviour. This may result in a shadowban or a channel ban, which will be a huge blow to your TikTok page’s success.

So, the rule of thumb is to use between 3-5 TikTok hashtags per post. Definitely not more than that.

Also, it is important that you combine niche-specific hashtags with popular or trending ones for better results. Our suggestion is to use three niche niche-specific hashtags and two popular/trending ones.

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Hashtags Alone Will Not Do the Trick

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, hashtags are the most effective way to get your content seen. That said, hashtags alone will not do the trick.

Quality video production, captivating content, and your sense of humour and engagement strategy are what will bring results. So, while hashtags are a great marketing tool for getting more people to see your video, they won’t necessarily make your content go viral.

Do your part by coming up with awesome, engaging content and let TikTok hashtags do the rest. Still, your video is stuck at 0 views on TikTok, we will help you fix it.

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