Titanfall 3 likely teased in new Apex Legends update

titanfall 3 likely teased in new apex legends update
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

titanfall 3 likely teased in new apex legends update
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Fans have been given a lot of hope lately for the Titanfall series and that hope is being tested by a possible teaser for a third game. After Titanfall 2 had a recent resurgence and its multiplayer fixed, many are hoping that Respawn keeps the momentum for this franchise going.

On Twitter, an Apex Legends player going by Iniquity/Derek looked at the most recent Apex Legends update and noticed something interesting. In the end of these patch notes it teases an “incoming transmission” before some random numbers are shown.

Looking up these numbers leads to the release dates of previous Titanfall games, getting fans’ hopes up. While this could easily be an Apex Legends map influenced by the series, we don’t want to give up just yet.

Apex Legends and Titanfall take place in the same universe, which is why some characters from the former have appeared in the latter. Unfortunately for some fans, Apex overtook its predecessor in popularity and has been a major focus for Respawn Entertainment since.

A fan posts about the possibility of Titanfall 3.
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Iniquity/Derek (Twitter)

It’s a shame too since Titanfall 2 is often seen as an underrated gem by many. The single-player campaign was surprisingly excellent, giving players plenty of variety in each level. Obviously, the multiplayer was good too, but many stayed for the single-player.

Despite things looking gloomy, Respawn did try to make Titanfall 3 a reality several times. It was even reported that a new single-player game set in the universe was being made before getting canned. While no reason was given for the cancelation, the fact that it was Titanfall-relayed did disappoint a number of fans.

Now that the shooter’s fans are growing, it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to reveal a new game for the series. Only time will tell if we ever get an official follow-up to the acclaimed shooter but this is more hope than the fanbase has had in a while.

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Titanfall 2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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