TikTok Deploys Snapchat-like Streaks to Keep You Hooked

The TikTok Logo in front of a black background with two Apple Fire emojis on either side
Credit: TikTok / Apple

The TikTok Logo in front of a black background with two Apple Fire emojis on either side
Credit: TikTok / Apple

Despite TikTok's consistent popularity, which keeps it at the top of app download charts, it still needs to find ways to retain users. As TikTok faces potential bans in the US, it is working to keep users returning by adopting a feature from Snapchat's playbook.

Although TikTok is one of the best apps for iPhone and best apps for Android, it is currently under unprecedented scrutiny. The potential US ban threatens to remove the app from the North American market, and national agencies are trying to curtail toxic algorithms, including those used by TikTok.

To increase user engagement, TikTok is introducing streaks. Users have started sharing screenshots of TikTok streaks in their messages, with many sharing that their streaks are at three days currently, indicating that the update was very recent and is only just rolling out.

This feature will be familiar to those who have experienced the anxiety of losing a Snapchat streak. If you and a friend message each other on TikTok daily, you will build up a streak. If no message is sent within 24 hours, the streak ends.

This gamification of messaging aims to draw users back to the app daily to maintain their streaks. It's a psychological tactic to encourage daily app engagement, similar to how users strive to maintain long Snapchat streaks. In fact, you may attempt to even break the record for the longest Snapchat streak on TikTok, if you and your friend want to.

The overall reaction on social media is mixed, with many questioning the need for this feature. TikTok's primary appeal as a short-form video app doesn't align seamlessly with Snapchat's focus on messaging and photo sharing, which could mean that many users may overlook or ignore this new feature.

However, for those who frequently message friends on TikTok about the latest trends, such as the TikTok towel challenge or if you're chatting about TikTok Studio, streaks could be a fun addition.

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