How to fix TikTok under review: why is my TikTok under review?

How to fix TikTok under review

How to fix TikTok under review

If your TikTok video is under review, we can help.

Whether it is one of the latest TikTok trends or a long 10-minute video, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a video. So, when your video gets flagged and goes under review right after uploading, it can be a real pain.

Are you sitting there with 0 views on your TikTok video, wondering how you can you get out of the review rocess? Well, we have got you covered! Read on to find some hacks to fix the issue.

How to fix TikTok under review

Once a video is put under review, it will be reviewed by a human to determine whether it is appropriate or not. If the reviewer deems the video inappropriate, it will then be taken down. Else, the video will go live.

If the video is under review after 5 mins, as suggested by this Reddit user, change the video to private, leave it there for 30 - 45 mins and then change it back to public. This hack has worked for some and hopefully, it will work for you as well.

On the other hand, your next option is to wait until the review process is over. We don't exactly know how long it takes to review a TikTok video. Manually assessing videos on TikTok is extremely time-consuming due to the high volume of content that is uploaded every hour.

That said, multiple sources on the Internet suggest that the review process takes anywhere from 2 to 48 hours. However, in extreme cases it can even a week. So be patient!

Why is my TikTok video under review right after posting?

There are several reasons why TikTok videos are put under review right after posting. The most common one is that TikTok’s automated trackers have flagged the video as potentially explicit or inappropriate.

A bug in the system could also be to blame, looking at how several people have been getting the under review message. If this is the case, you may need to wait until TikTok fixes the issue.

If the former is the case, you can try the fix we mentioned in the previous section, and if that fails, wait until the review process is over. Hopefully, your video will not be taken down.

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