TikTok Studio - What Is It and How to Remove It?

An image of the TikTok Studio feature on a profile

An image of the TikTok Studio feature on a profile

If you have recently noticed a new “TikTok Studio” option appearing on your profile, you’re not alone. Many users are curious about what this feature is, why it has appeared, and how they might be able to remove it.

Normally, TikTokers get curious about new trends like “What colour is the sky?” or the latest filters such as the Markiplier filter. However, this time, they’re scratching their heads over a new TikTok feature, which is unusual but completely understandable.

Here, we’ll break down its functionalities, benefits, and whether you can remove it from your profile. By the end of this guide, you’ll clearly understand TikTok Studio and how to manage its presence on your profile.

What Is TikTok Studio?

TikTok Studio is the new name for the suite of tools previously known as "Creator Tools." It encompasses all the features content creators need, including comprehensive analytics, inspiration from trending content, and monetisation options.

The "Creator Tools" option was previously located inside the hamburger menu on your profile. However, the redefined TikTok Studio is now prominently displayed on your profile page, positioned under your bio and links for easy access.

It appears that TikTok took inspiration from Instagram’s professional dashboard feature by giving users access to all the creator tools right on the profile page. However, it’s worth noting that TikTok executed this feature even better.

How to Remove TikTok Studio From Your Profile

While you can rearrange the order of TikTok Studio and other links in the same row on your profile, you cannot remove the TikTok Studio option from your profile. You will have to get used to having it permanently displayed on your profile.

Moreover, there’s no real reason to remove it, as it provides easy access to the creator tools you need. Now, you can reach the creator tools with fewer steps than before. It’s a useful feature, and you’ll appreciate it once you get used to it.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on TikTok Studio. We hope you found it informational. Before heading off, we encourage you to explore our other TikTok guides, including how to speed up TikTok videos.

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