TikTok Video With 4 Trillion Shares - Is It Real or Fake?

A screenshot of the original TikTok video with 4 trillion shares

A screenshot of the original TikTok video with 4 trillion shares

After the "Hawk Tuah" girl and the "Blue Sweatpants" girl, a new viral sensation has emerged on TikTok. The latest trend is a TikTok video that has accumulated 4 trillion shares, leaving users questioning whether it's real or fake.

Is this staggering number a result of genuine user engagement, or is there more to the story? In this article, we delve into the truth behind the viral TikTok video with 4 trillion shares and explore whether it’s real or fake.

Is the 4 Trillion Shares Real?

As of 2024, TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. For a video to reach 4 trillion shares, assuming everyone has seen it, each user would need to share it approximately 4,000 times, which is highly improbable.

In addition, 4 trillion shares contradicts the engagement metrics of the platform. It’s common for viral TikTok videos to garner millions or even billions of views. However, the highest numbers observed are usually in the millions, not trillions.

In short, the figure of 4 trillion shares for a TikTok video is not real given the current user base and engagement metrics of the platform. It is most likely a glitch, manipulation or a result of misinformation rather than a genuine statistic.

How to Watch the Original TikTok Video with 4 Trillion Shares

The TikTok video that reportedly amassed 4 trillion shares was posted by a Japanese account named さくら (Sakura). The account no longer exists (TikTok deleted it, probably), making it impossible to find the original video.

However, the video has been uploaded by numerous other accounts, and screenshots showing the 4 trillion shares are widespread on the internet. You can find the video here, and we will reveal the screenshot below.

How Did They Inflate the Shares?

The method used to inflate the shares of a TikTok video likely involves exploiting the platform’s engagement metrics. Here’s a detailed look at how this might be done:

  • The "Copy Link" hack: Users repeatedly click the “copy link” button on the video. Each click is registered as a share by the algorithm.
  • Bots: Automated programs or bots can be used to simulate thousands of users repeatedly sharing the video.
  • Script automation: Scripts can be written to automate the “copy link” action thousands of times in a short period.
  • Data glitch: Sometimes, social media platforms experience glitches or bugs that cause erroneous data to appear.
  • Video editing tools: Users might use video editing tools to artificially display inflated share counts to generate buzz.

In summary, the claim of a TikTok video having 4 trillion shares is fake. It is highly improbable given TikTok's user base and typical engagement metrics. Such inflated numbers are likely due to manipulation, glitches, or hacks rather than genuine user engagement.

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