Throne and Liberty - everything you need to know

Throne and Liberty screenshot
Credit: NCSOFT

Throne and Liberty screenshot
Credit: NCSOFT

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NCSOFT is all about quality games which is why many are interested in the Throne and Liberty release date.

Throne and Liberty is described as a multiplatform MMORPG set in a sprawling open world, accessible for free, and, to top it all off, will feature crossplay among players. NCSOFT is well-known for producing high-quality, immersive, and splendid graphics online multiplayer games. That is enough of a hint of what Throne and Liberty will bring to the table.

Even with all the hype, the precise release date continues to pique the curiosity of many. Before we get into the thick of it, be sure to drop by our guide section for top-notch gaming guides covering the latest and greatest video games on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and beyond.

Throne and Liberty release date

Five months have slipped by since the debut of Throne and Liberty in Korea with an epic cinematic story trailer. The trailer sets the stage for large-scale battles, environmental challenges, and quests for power.

Over a six-year span, major strides have been made in the game aimed at expanding content and excelling in gameplay mechanics. Speculations about a global release have been rampant since then, pondering whether it will happen or, if it does, when it will be.

Reports indicate that Throne and Liberty performed below expectations during its first 2 months after release in Korea. There was also a noticeable surge in sales of Guild Wars 2 in Western countries.

That means it doesn’t have to be a concern about the game’s appeal, but rather about the way it is being marketed. Therefore, counting on Amazon's global release is likely to salvage its performance. The Q4 investor call reiterated that Throne and Liberty should be out before the end of 2024, but we're still playing the waiting game for a solid date.

It also conducts a closed beta run to give players an exclusive glimpse of the game's new features before they are officially released. The developers are focused on creating a unified experience across regions and have expressed their concerted efforts to refine the global version.

NCSOFT and Amazon Games are also closely collaborating to integrate player feedback from all sources, so they know exactly how to optimise the gaming experience.

That wraps up everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty's much-anticipated global release. If you're after a PC capable of gaming, explore our thorough guide showcasing the top mini-gaming PCs of 2024.

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