This Doom keyboard is the perfect way to celebrate 30 years of slaying demons

Doom Guy in front of a Doom Eternal background and a Ducky x Doom keyboard
Credit: Bethesda / Ducky

Doom Guy in front of a Doom Eternal background and a Ducky x Doom keyboard
Credit: Bethesda / Ducky

If you've been looking for a new keyboard, or if you've broken your one from too much ripping and tearing, then the new Ducky One 3 x Doom keyboard may be something of interest.

Shortly after the official 30 year celebration of the long-running franchise, this new collaboration from the team over at Ducky brings the Doomslayer to your keyboard. Ducky makes some of the best gaming keyboards, with the One 3 being an incredible model, but the design of its latest collaboration may turn off even the most hardcore Doom fans.

The new keyboard is only available in 666 units (very fitting) and is called the Ducky x DOOM SF 65% keyboard, which will set you back roughly £200. The design features the familiar protagonist in a piece of iconic artwork that Doom fans have come to know and love, but stretched out over the keycaps, with RGB lighting to illuminate the limited-edition peripheral with Hellfire (or simple RGB, if you want to be boring).

Ducky x Doom SF 65% keyboard product
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Credit: Ducky

I don't mind the design, in all honesty. Do I wish it was black and red with the keycaps marked with DOOM-like runes instead of letters? Definitely, especially with the RGB lighting set to red to really finish the vibe. However, the fact it's very exclusive and uses a great piece of art doesn't bother me, and Ducky keyboards are excellent anyway.

That being said, I can understand why some might be disappointed in the design. It does seem a bit rushed by using a bit of artwork stretched out. However, it could look a lot better in real life, and that's something I hope to test out. Hopefully it remains one of the best mechanical keyboards despite how the design looks in person.

This will undoubtedly be a great piece for any DOOM fans who want to collect any and all gear related to the incredible FPS series. However, considering the sheer amount of beautiful Ducky keyboards available to buy, we'd probably recommend picking up one of them if you're not a fan of the franchise.

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