The six-year-old Nokia Lumia 950 XL can run full Windows 11

There are no fans quite like Windows Phones fans. Years after the mobile platform was abandoned by Microsoft, fans are still going strong. In fact, one fan has even ported the full desktop version of Windows 11 onto the six-year-old Nokia Lumia 950 XL.

That's right, just days after the technical preview for Windows 11 commenced, one fan has already got it working on mobile. It's an impressive feat.

Nokia Lumia 950 XL Windows 10

Windows Phone Enthusiast Gustave Monce took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that he had indeed got Windows 11 working on mobile. Using his trusty Lumia 950 XL, he was able to bring the new operating system over to the smartphone.

Monce explained that the OS is running natively on the device, despite the hardware being unsupported. The Windows 11 port works as well as you'd hope. Of course, it is utilising in unfinished version of the operating system.

As Windows 11 is heavily designed with tablets in mind, the Lumia 950 XL is able to use some unique features. For example, the device is able to have two SIM cards which are properly represented in the W11 UI. It’s very impressive.

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How does it run?

As Monce's Windows 11 port is running on six-year-old mobile hardware, it doesn't run especially well. Nevertheless, it does still run, and it's not as slow as you'd expect considering how old the Lumia is.

It’s certainly not a device you'd want to use for your daily driver, but it's an impressive feat. For simple word processing, web browsing and basic programs, this would do well in a pinch. Furthermore, with fans like this, we can likely expect some awesome things well into the future.

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